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13 Nov 2018

I was so excited to receive this package: a) because I’ve never tried Dermalogica’s products before; and b) because I have awful acne-prone skin and have been searching for a cure!

The Dermalogica line is sold at my go-to spa and I’ve heard nothing but good things. T...

28 Jul 2018

First off: this is quite possibly the best BB product I’ve ever used, and definitely the most innovative! The BB Cushion Hydra Radiance is a foundation-forward approach to BB cream, using Mela-crusher brightening technology that evens skin tone and gives you the flawl...

5 Jun 2018


This product applied really well, lathered effortlessly, and the smell was fresh (much nicer and more natural than I expected!) The product comes out runny, but lathers really well. I used one sample in one shower, and felt I got the squeeky clean feel I n...

27 May 2018

As you may have read in one of my posts @brookebriannaa, the new KUSH mascara by Milk Makeup is giving me LIFE. 


It’s so hard to find a product that gives you length and volume all in one — I usually resort to using two mascaras in order to get the results...