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Why you can never be too organized: tips & tricks for success

A blessing or a curse? As a girl with a need to stay organized -- no matter where, no matter when -- let me share with you some of my key tips and tricks to keeping up-to-date and on top this coming school year.

Why you can never be too organized: tips & tricks for success - CLICK TO TWEET


Cliche I know, but you can never make too many lists. Lists will help you when you're down to your last minute before a major presentation or on your way out the door and your brain has turned to mush. Do yourself a favour, make a list. REMINDER APP

Courtesy of Apple my day-to-day life has become one reminder alarm after another. No matter how many times we mentally remind ourselves to do something, we forget. We forget to make a review until the night before a big exam, or we forget to print the rubric for an assignment and lose marks without one. Undoubtedly, Apple has your back. GOOGLE CALENDAR

Unlike the boring old calendar app you can't delete off your iPhone, this is an app you can download on any smartphone or use through your Gmail account. As an easy way to track upcoming events and assignments, it gets even easier because you can sync your Gmail and Microsoft outlook accounts. If your school uses outlook mail and all school-related events are marked on this account, you can easily sync these to your personal calendar -- making an aesthetically pleasing layout of your responsibilities, minus the hassle.

GOOGLE DOCS & SLIDES Google has thought of an app for everything a student, or even a new employee, needs to succeed. In addition to their calendar app, they also have Google Docs and Google Slides -- a web-based host similar to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Simply login to your Gmail account, open the docs or slides tab, and add your group members by email. Here you can add all of your work to the same template with no need to send your work to someone else. This way, everyone's on the same page (literally.)


If a digital calendar isn't your thing and you're more of a hard-copy-type-of-gal, then an agenda is your go-to to stay on top of it this year. Similar to a calendar app, I devote my agenda to major assignments, tests and presentations. It can be a handy tool with day-to-day activities as well but my life just isn't exciting enough for that and if it was I probably wouldn't own an agenda in the first place. That's why the reminder app is just as important as using an agenda or calendar.


This goes not only for hard-copy notes but your Mac notes as well. Not only do these magical little rays of sunshine make your notes -- and lists -- much brighter and prettier, they also make it super easy to prioritize and get your life on track. That being said, highlight the important $*%! [like your cheekbones -- never underestimate the power of a good highlighter.]

These are some pretty simple, pretty basic tips that will change your life in the #KillingIt type of way -- because honestly, you can never be too organized. Organization is key to creating goals for yourself and driving you to success.

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