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Class of 2017: how it feels to be a graduate and what comes next

HEY! It has been way too long since I've posted a blog, and now that my crazy life has settled down a bit, I feel like I can finally get back to doing what I love: blogging, of course.

Yesterday I graduated from university and received both an Honours BA and diploma after a long and hectic four years of studying Public Relations and Media Communications.

That's right. Graduated!

As exciting as it was and how amazing it felt to stand up on that podium, shake hands with everyone, and receive my two very expensive, hard-earned pieces of paper -- I can't help but be scared for what's next. And that's just it... what is next?

After completing my degree, I am so eager to jump into the field of public relations and start working with brands that I love and am excited about! With PR, you can work in one of two sectors: corporate or agency.

For the longest time, I thought agency work would 100 per cent be the route for me -- until I started my internship in the corporate communications sector of the City of Pickering.

It has honestly become a huge question and struggle for me: do I want to work in corporate communications focusing on ONE singular brand that I love, or work in an agency on MULTIPLE brands at a time?

I feel like I'm being too picky even thinking I have an option at this point. I'm just starting out. It would be incredibly exciting and amazing to have an opportunity within either aspect of the business field -- that's how much I have fallen in love with PR.

Whether I'm Samantha Jones working my way up the NYC ladder, or the female Ben Affleck in Jersey Girl, I'd be over-the-roof excited to take on either role.

After four long years of learning, reading, and whipping my ass into a PR pro, I cannot wait to find the perfect opportunity that will kick start a long and loved career.

I feel so lucky to have attended university and enter a program knowing straight out of high school that media was the field for me. Of course, it wasn't until the end of my second year where I realized I was going to have to major in one of four aspects of my media degree -- but PR was a no-brainer.

I want to end this on a positive note by saying how thankful I am. Because I am, SO thankful.

Thankful for everyone that helped me through these last four years: my peers whether it was hustling our way through a PR campaign or business start-up, my boyfriend for always hugging my stress away and listening to me rant, and most of all my two amazing parents for blessing me with this opportunity, allowing me to graduate with zero student debt, and for always being there with handfuls of advice when I needed it most.

I honestly and truly could not have done it without you, and I am so excited to find out what life has in store for me next XO

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