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Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara | Review

As you may have read in one of my posts @brookebriannaa, the new KUSH mascara by Milk Makeup is giving me LIFE.


It’s so hard to find a product that gives you length and volume all in one — I usually resort to using two mascaras in order to get the results I want. BUT, with this formula I only need the one! Stg guys, this product is perfect for my lashes. The formula is creamy, quick-to-dry, and gives my lashes all the life they need from day to night.


This applicator literally brushed through my lashes like a lash-wand while applying the product (I mean how perfect could you be?) The wand makes it so easy to apply and SO easy to love.


Because we all know how important it is to have an aesthetically pleasing product — mostly just for photo and flat lay purposes, but also just to feel good about the product you’re using, you know?

I love the packaging. It’s a simple silver design with black font. The first time to pick up the mascara you think, “Whoa, this is heavy duty,” because it’s literally heavy [for a mascara bottle] which I think gives it even more appeal.


Overall, I was a little nervous to test this mascara after reading some negative reviews online. That being said, I can’t say I agree with what I read. This product eft my lashes FULL, LONG, and volumputous! While everyone’s lashes are different and react to different formulas, this one definitely works for me. I recommend giving it a try!

Product was recieved complimentary for review purposes via Influenster.

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