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Doing what you love: a #BOSSGIRL guide

Right now you're probably wondering what am I doing here? What am I reading? Well, as my first-ever blog post let me cordially introduce myself:

I'm Brooke, a Public Relations student with a passion for planning, branding and all things communication. I'm writing this blog as a place to share my experiences and express my opinions whether it be fashion, beauty, travel, food or design. So how did I get here?

After creating a website and growing my very own invincibility shield, I decided what better way to introduce my blog than with an inspirational post as to why I'm writing these words down in the first place.

I haven't always known what direction to take and I haven't always been sure of where I'd succeed. Graduating high school and entering the highly-anticipated world of university [and college] is fun, exciting and well, difficult. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? How should I know? After reading an assortment of get-your-$#!*-together books [commonly found in the business and finance or health and well-being section of your local Chapters], I want to dedicate my first post to sharing two of my favourite inspirational authors so you can pick up their books, get out there and start doing what you love too.


Deciding where to head into my third year of university was difficult and Aliza Licht made the decision crystal clear. Not only is Licht honest, but she's real - literally starting from the bottom of the fashion food-chain. She talks about the tough decision of choosing your profession, deciding where you're meant to be, and once you're there - how to leave your mark. This is a must read if you want to kill it in your career.

YES PLEASE | Amy Poehler

*Insert Yaasssss Kimoji here* As we already know, Poehler is a very successful lady and a comedian queen - so prepare to laugh. If I can give one piece of advice: read this book in private as it tends to cause loud outbursts of laughter. Taking you through her motto of, "say whatever you want," "do whatever you like," and "be whoever you are," this book is destined to make you laugh while motivating you to do big things with your future.

I'll keep it short by ending things off here - but make sure to take a read, you won't be disappointed! I hope you guys enjoyed what I had to say -- stay tuned for more Xo

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