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Achieve a glowing and affordable tan with Australian Gold

When it comes to affordable tanning products, you can never go wrong with Australian Gold. Below are my two favourite drug store products to achieve a glowing tan all summer long. Use the tanning oil on a regular basis, and remember to moisturize daily!


So. Much. Yasssss. As a pale white girl, I've tried my fair share of tanning products that left me feeling gross, oily and burnt. If you're like me then the Australian Gold Tan Extender will save your life [and the life of your tan]. It's a dry oil, so you can wear it everyday and avoid the nasty oily feel of normal tanning oils, and work on getting a glowing tan while you're out-and-about. Click above for an awesome deal on this bronzing bottle of magic!


Another must-have to keep your tan glowing all summer long is the Moisture Lock Tan Extender. It's super creamy, gentile on sensitive skin, and a little product goes a long way. The best part? It literally smells like heaven. Even if this product didn't work to extend the life of my tan, I would probably still use it just because it smells that. damn. good. Click above to get this bottle for a steal!

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