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What to bring on that much needed vacation

Sad to admit, but summer is over ladies and gents. What better way to mourn the loss of sunshine, heat, tanned skin, and your summer wardrobe? A vacation, of course. If you're a Canadian baby and love your country but hate the cold, then this post is soooo for you. Read below to find out what to pack for that much needed vacation, so you don't leave behind your favourite vacation necessity and remember on the way to the airport.

Tip: always start by making yourself a list. This will help to make sure you don't forget anything.


If there's one thing I'm obsessed with, it's polaroids. Not only are they cute, aesthetically pleasing, but they are an actual moment captured on actual film -- not just your iPhone -- just like the good ol' days. I used to be obsessed with these cameras as a kid (I actually had three, all with different sizes of film and effects) and was SO happy when they came back in. Reliving my childhood: check!


If there's one thing you don't want to go on vacation without, it's your sunnies! Imagine being in the Carribean sun without these bad boys?! No thank you. Personally, I bring my favourite pair of Ray Ban sunglasses with me (that have my prescription in them) so I can see clear as day all of the beautiful views in front of me. I also bring a cheaper pair [photographed above] for things like swimming in the ocean, excursions, etc. Aka any sort of activity where I could potentially lose or break my sunglasses, I bring the cheapies.


By this I mean Aloe Vera and hats hats hats. I'm personally not a fan of SPF - and I never use it [although every beauty guru EVER advises to]. I've read way too many articles on the effects of SPF and what is actually in it, that it's just a no for me - but of course, that's not for everyone and a lot of people swear by it. For me, I bring tonnes of Aloe on vacation to help skin the tan into my skin (for a lasting tan!) and I always bring a sun hat to avoid getting too much sun on my face.


When it comes to vacation clothing: swim suits, dresses, shorts, sandals, etc. -- they are all a must and a no-brainer -- so instead I'm going to talk about swim cover-ups! These are my absolute favourite thing to bring on vacation because they 1. are incredibly cute, and 2. are soooo versatile! If you're heading from the beach to the buffet for lunch, all you have to do is cover up with a little sheer dress. If you're going on an excursion where you know you'll be getting wet, all you have to do is cover up with a little sheer dress! So easy, and so cute.

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