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Last-minute Christmas Shopping Ideas | 2017

If you're a procrastinator like me, then you've hardly started your Christmas shopping. With the holidays around the corner, it's time to make a list of who you're buying for while maintaining a budget. Here's a few of my personal favourite places/ideas to find a great gift and scratch those most important to you off your list:


Shopping for a girl can be easy, because it's what most of us love to do in our spare time anyway. Shopping for a man however... It can get pretty tricky. If you don't have a sure idea of something they'd like to open on Christmas day, you can never go wrong with something meaningful and sentimental. For instance a weekend getaway for two or a romantic dinner at an intimate location. If this isn't your idea of the perfect gift, you can also try some of these ideas: a watch, new clothes, shoes or the latest in electronics (i.e. game console, apple tv, android box).


Shopping for a parent can go two ways: buying one gift for both parents, or two gifts for each parent. If you're buying for both, a gift card to a romantic dinner for two might also work just as well. Otherwise, parents love to receive something meaningful to your relationship on Christmas. This could be a simple card with a spa day for you and mom, or a framed photograph of you with your parents. 


As a girl with two older brothers, Christmas shopping for my siblings has never been easy. Why I wasn't given a sister to share closets with and buy cosmetics for (that I can ultimately use too) will forever be a question in my mind. That being said, what do you get your brothers for Christmas? I find the most pleasing present to be gift cards when it comes to my brothers -- specifically to LCBO or the Beer Store. If these aren't big pleasers in your family, you can always try Tommy Hilfiger for a nice deal on sweaters or dress shirts. 


In my case, I have a niece and nephew to buy for. Therefore the best gifts are obviously found at Toys-R-Us. I find the kids the hardest to buy for because they're so loved, and have so much already. Do they already have this? Will they like this or even play with it? 

When it comes to extended family like your boyfriend's family, if they haven't made it clear that they want something in particular, I like to get gift baskets or a gift card to a nice dinner -- these are bound to be pleasers and definitely a safe option! 

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