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Favourite footwear for Fall 2017

While the weather begins to take a cold turn, keep those feet warm with some of my favourite footwear picks for Fall 2017:


I tried to mix and match my mule options to show how many shapes, styles and sizes mules come in. These are such a versatile option for the foot. You can dress up an outfit with a leather, heel, or embroidered mule, or you can find a more casual pair, like a mule with fur, to match with ripped jeans and an oversized knit.


Who doesn't love a good bootie?! I love these for Fall because there are so many styles to make a chic look for work, a simple everyday look, or a more glamorous look for a night out. Black booties are my personal favourite, but I also like a nice grey tone or pop of colour every once in a while.


When it comes to knee-highs it's essential to own one of each: block heel, stiletto heel, and flat wedge. Knee-highs make the cutest outfits whether you pair it with an oversized sweater dress or a pair of ripped jeans. Personally, I like neutral-tone knee-highs so I'd go with a black, white, grey, nude or camel pick.

Keep those feeties warm with some of my favourite Fall picks! Hope you enjoyed -- don't forget to like, share & subscribe! Xo

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